About Us

About UCU School of Medicine

Welcome to the UCU School of Medicine, a ground-breaking institution driven by a vision to redefine medical education in Uganda. Established as a response to the growing demand for science programs and the aspiration to elevate the profile of Uganda Christian University (UCU), our medical school aims to set new standards in healthcare education, research, and practice.

Why School of Medicine was Established?

There were three key driving factors behind the inception of the UCU School of Medicine. Firstly, it aligned with the strategic plan of UCU to expand its offerings in the field of science. Secondly, hosting a medical school inherently enhances the reputation and prestige of any university. Lastly, the opportunity to collaborate with Mengo Hospital, renowned for its excellence in holistic care, treatment, and research, presented an ideal partnership for UCU.

Founding Figures

Ned Kanyesigye

Canon. Dr. John Senyonyi

3rd Vice Chancellor of UCU

Miriam Mutabazi Gesa

Coordinator of the Medical School Project